Design your Custom Contemporary Kilt

You may notice that this website is different from most.

There are no ‘click-add-to-cart’ buttons.
We at Freedom Kilts understand that your custom kilt should be special and unique to you.
To build a kilt to your specification is a bit more complex than buying off-the-rack.
This is why we prefer to list to, and talk with, our customers.

Welcome to a whole new world of how kilts are made and worn.

Some mistakenly use the term “Contemporary Kilt” to mean any alternative garment made from a solid colored fabric. In fact a Contemporary Kilt is a totally new type of kilt. Taking its inspiration from the Traditional Kilt but modernizing, improving and refining it for the way men dress today.

The phrase Contemporary Kilt was coined at Freedom Kilts and we define it as a modern kilt that retains the full inter facings and stabilizers of a Traditional kilt to insure a perfect fit for many years of wear. Our solid colored fabrics and our synthetic Tartans are fully machine washable and require minimum maintenance. If you prefer wool Tartan fabric the look and swish will be on par with the finest traditionally made kilts. We have added the comfort of a waistband like that found on trousers with or without six true belt loops.

We then add our signature pockets. What man today can do without pockets? We engineered our pockets from the ground up to remain unobtrusive and invisible even when fully loaded. Freedom Kilts were the first in the world of figure out how to put pockets into a traditional tartan kilt.
When you buy a kilt off-the-rack you are buying someone else’s idea of their perfect kilt.

When you order a Custom Made Freedom Kilt we would prefer you take the time to tell us about your perfect kilt.

For the very first time you, the customer, can tell us where you wish to wear the waist of your kilt. Where you want the hem to hit your knee and how many pockets you want in your kilt. (and where you want us to put them)

Every kilt we offer is made right here in our shop to your exact specifications and requirements. You are assured of getting a kilt directly from the inventors of the Contemporary Kilt.

To make your perfect kilt we have a flat rate labor charge of $350.00cdn. We add only the cost of whatever fabric you wish your kilt to be made from and for how many pockets you wish.

Contact Us to order your Custom Contemporary Kilt.